Subtil is a company in Uppsala, Sweden helping companies and public authorities build better web sites. Focusing on web standards and accessibility Subtil assists in designing usable and efficient web sites that are accessible to all in accordance with WAI and local guidelines. Subtil can help you:

  • redesigning your web site
  • switch to meaningful markup and leaner code
  • analyze your site's accessibility
  • make your information accessible to all devices
  • optimize for search engines
  • educate and train your developers

The Company

The company was founded in the early days of 2005 by Åke Johansson and has since then worked on various projects.

Why "Subtil"?

The Swedish word Subtil (English equivalent: subtle) stems from the Latin word subtilis. Subtilis -e [finely woven , slender, fine]; of senses, etc. [plain, simple, unadorned]. Hence partic. subtiliter, [by fine links or passages]; of judgment, [with discrimination]; of style, [plainly, simply]. It basically sums up the way I think about web design.